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Prices for services accounting in Timisoara

Tarife servicii de contabilitate in Timisoara

The tariffs for the accounting services practiced by our accounting firm are very affordable, being established according to the complexity of your company's activity and the additional services requested.

Taking into account the specifics of each company, our team will develop the optimal way of collaboration for the services provided based on several specific elements:

- Form of organization
- Fiscal value
- Monthly turnover
- Volume of documents
- Number of employees
- Number of invoices issued / received per month
- Number of intra-Community acquisitions
- Number of credit agreements
- Number of working points
- The field of activity of the company

To request a price offer you can fill in the form on the "Request an offer" page or you can send us an email specifying the following details of your company:

- The object of activity of your company and the market on which you operate;
- Number of employees;
- The volume of activity in the most active months;
- Fiscal value

The tariffs for the accounting services sent by e-mail are indicative. The final price will be set after a meeting and negotiation of conditions with you.