Digital accounting

Online digital accounting with dedicated accountant

Tired of trips to the accountant? Nothing could be simpler, now Mst Expert offers digital accounting services so you can manage your business as efficiently as possible.


Digital accounting reduces human intervention time throughout the process, from manually entering data into accounting, to generating reports, making payments and issuing invoices.


How to do digital accounting?


A user account will be created on the web portal and mobile app where the client will be able to organise their business and accounting documents as efficiently as possible without having to make trips to the accounting firm. Documents issued by the firm will be automatically integrated into the system, reducing human intervention.


Digitising documents by easily scanning documents makes them easier to process later and immediately accessible. The online digital bookkeeping service shortens the classic recording processes of traditional bookkeeping, reducing your company's costs for printing documents, archiving space disappearing completely, reducing trips to the accountant saving time and reducing your company's evaluation time.

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Online digital accounting

Advantages for you if you choose digital accounting

  • access to detailed reports in business language for income, expenses, profit, uncollected invoices, invoices payable, etc.
  • electronic archive with all your business documents at one click
  • CECCAR authorized chartered accountant who takes care of your company's accounting, filing statements and maintaining the relationship with Revisal and ITM
  • issue invoices online without having to use other invoicing software, and invoices issued are posted immediately
  • 24/7 chat support and advice with the business' dedicated accountant

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