Human resources courses in Timisoara

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Cursuri de resurse umane Timisoara

Program Coordinator, Vlasin Mihaela, Human Resources Inspector

The course is addressed to people who want to train and improve in this field, and offers participants a practical approach to using the REVISAL program (Register of Employees), drafting all documents specific to this field.

Course content:

- preparation of the personnel file according to the Labor Code;
- preparation and management of personnel records;
- preparation and management of seniority certificates;

- drawing up the payroll for the staff;
- preparation and submission of statements on contributions to the state budget;
- providing information on personnel issues;
- planning one's own activity;
- presentation of the structure of the General Register of Employees (REVISAL)
- presentation of events: registration of an employment contract, closing of an employment contract, registration of changes to the CIM, suspension of the CIM, etc.
- online transmission of data to the Territorial Labor Inspectorate.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

- you can easily find a job because you are no longer a beginner
- prepare and manage personnel records
- prepare the payroll for the staff
- work in a team
- be professionally developed
- provide information on staffing issues
- manage the personnel record database using the PC
- benefit from consulting even after finishing the course

Course duration: 40 hours

For other details you can contact us at the phone number: 004 0356/881 750